Creating Your Own History: See You in Ten Years' Time

I just got this awesome text from one of my old uni friends:

Well look what appointment we had the other day!! Sorry for standing you up in res commons. I still have my red toque but don't feel I've changed beyond recognition :)

The text came with a picture of a note - with my handwriting - filling in the blanks of a contract, written in 2004. Censoring for embarrassing content, I'll give you the mad lib version:

We, the undersigned, may only know each other casually, but we hereby agree to meet up in exactly ten years' time at insert time (am/pm) on the 22nd of January 2014 at insert place. In case we have changed beyond recognition, we agree to wear the following identifying features: insert clothing/accessories of choice. In case we have nothing to say to each other, here is a list of >>hot<< 2004 topics to reminisce about: insert multiple inside jokes/memories here. 

insert name
insert name

See you in ten year's time. 

You may have seen me mention this hilarious diary I had in first year. It basically gave you a daily thought or task that was so totally outlandish that it was a constant source of hilarity. Case in point, this Letter to a Serial Killer.

This got me thinking, why not invent your own time capsules, your own history? It keeps you young, and it brings the people who helped shape you back into your life in interesting ways.

Now Ange and I are planning a reunion weekend. She'll wear her red toque, but I have no idea where my "funky fruit hat" is...